Google will now permit iPhone and iPad users to use their Android security key to authenticate signing up of accounts, the company said.

The company announced last month that it has developed a new Bluetooth-based protocol for two factor authentication by enabling upgraded Android 7.0 versions to act as a security key. Until now, the technology was confined to chrome sign-ins.

Starting today, Apple device users now will no longer need to plug anything in to verify the sign ups and can easily use upgraded Android security key for the purpose.

Since its introduction, Google has claimed that over 1,00,000 users have used the said feature for safeguarding their accounts.

Security keys are very crucial for users, who otherwise could face cyber crime attacks and loss of important data. The technology of the key is designed to check upon smart and ingenious hackers including nation state hackers. When one logs into an account, the built-in technology in new Android devices will ask to verify with your key. One cannot log into the account without the authenticating device, even though they have your password. Spoofing pages will also not work because credible websites ask for security key.

However, security key cannot guarantee wholly for maintaining privacy and security.
Google reported last month that its Titan security keys were prone to a pairing bug and were at a high risk of getting hijacked. Free replacement was offered for any affected device by the company.

FIDO2 is a secure and flexible standard that allows communication between various devices and operating systems for the purpose of verification. The security key tech is FIDO2 enabled.

Android security key functions by installing Google Smart Lock app on iPhone or iPad. For now, Google said the Android security key will be limited to sign-ins to Google accounts only.