Uber has revealed first designs for its Uber Air taxi cabin at Uber Elevate, Uber’s flying taxi conference in Washington, D.C. The cab-hailing giant has partnered with Safran Cabin for the design of these stunning flying taxi interiors.

The MDC is flexible as it can be modified, given the number of Uber Air vehicle partners.

“Together with Safran Cabin, we’ve designed for the first time in history, a bespoke aircraft cabin that is truly mission-driven for aerial ridesharing on Uber Air,” said John Badalamenti, Uber Elevate’s Head of Design. “Starting with the customer experience, it’s highly considered from the inside-out, yet extensible across different fuselage profiles, and carefully engineered with a path to certification.”

It will take a while before you get to experience the service in real life, Uber partnered with Bipolar Studio to create a VR simulation.

“To realize this design physically in the interactive cabin mockup, combined with the photo-real VR flight experience, has been extremely encouraging. I think we’re at a transitional time for designs like this to serve as the influential typology in aerial ridesharing standards for generations of aircraft to come.”

Uber is on course to begin testing its flying taxi service next year, and plans to bring the aerial ride-hailing platform into action, which will be available to public, in 2023 in Dallas-Fort Worth/Frisco Texas and Los Angeles.