AMD’s great run in 2019 is continuing with yet another announcement. While the company recently debuted its highly affordable and advanced Ryzen 9 lineup, AMD has now announced a fresh manufacturing tie-up with Samsung. And of course, as you’d expect with such an announcement, the markets gave massively positive response to the news. In fact such was the response, that despite a grim tech scene on the financial markets, AMD’s share are 4.6% up today, its second consecutive day in the greens.

AMD will license its custom graphics intellectual property (IP) to Samsung for use in mobile devices including smartphones and tablets and in return Samsung will pay license fees and royalties. It will help the former to take its technology to new market and differentiate products from world’s biggest smartphone producer. Terms of agreement have not been disclosed yet.

“This strategic partnership will extend the reach of our high-performance Radeon graphics into the mobile market, significantly expanding the Radeon user base and development ecosystem,” AMD Chief Executive Officer Lisa Su said.

Samsung will get access to the designs of one of the top two graphics chips makers which will elevate the performance of its devices. AMD shares jumped from 7.5% to $29.47 in New York Monday while Samsung gained 3% in Seoul.
AMD is the second largest maker of graphics used in cards that enables computers to make more realistic images in games. AMD competes with Nvidia Corp., the dominant market holder of gaming chips technology.

Licensing its technology to Korean company will help AMD to participate in the massive markets for smartphones parts without the risk of investing directly. AMD’s Radeon graphics cards compete with Nvidia’s gaming chips. The chipmaker sold its mobile graphics technology to Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) Inc in 2009.

2019 has been a fruitful year for a rather revitalized AMD under CEO Lisa Su. The chipmaker was recently chosen to power Sony’s next generation PlayStation gaming console as well.