Kicking off the event with updates to Apple News, Tim Cook announced the launch of ‘Apple News+. The new service will now offer Apple News users with all of the previous news experience, along with a plethora of their favourite magazines. Announced today, magazines from all walks, from Fortune to Vogue, from Sports Illustarted to Popular Science and a slew of others will now be available on the Apple News+ app.

To give more details, Roger Rosner, VP at Apple for applications announced that the News+ app will now provide over 3000 300 magazines and their content.

However, it isn’t just magazines scanned and served to you on an app. The News+ app really changes the way you sift through your favourite magazines. For starters, the company has designed an entirely new interactive setup for you to go through your favourite covers. The new setup does exactly to a magazine cover, what ‘Live Photos’ does to your photos. The covers become movable in nature and let you take a 360 degree kind of view.

The News+ app will also be driven by human curation — something that has become a must in the ocean of fake news. Apple announced that not only will the curation be human, the personalisation will be ‘industry leading’, using on device recommendations. The company, famed for its privacy, also announced that the service will not be trackable and what you read, stays inside the app.

Apple News+ app will cost $9.99 per month and will have a free family sharing plan. The app is currently available only in the US and Canada. A later year launch will come up for Europe.

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