Finally, Apple device owners will have a gaming platform to themselves. A platform that we hope, will bridge the massive gap that has been created over time between Windows and Mac devices. The platform, called ‘Apple Arcade’ is the new cross-platform gaming platform from Apple, that will provide ad-free access to a slew of titles.

To start with, Arcade will have 100+ new and Apple-exclusive titles. Apple has tied up with Disney, Konami and Lego along with a few other publishers to start with. However, the company says it will be bringing new content to the Arcade, ‘all the time’. It looks like Apple will co-build certain titles in the beginning at least. The company said, “Apple is not just handpicking the games in Apple Arcade, but also contributing to the development costs and working closely with creators to bring the games to life.”

The stand-out feature however, is the offline mode. The games can be played offline and all your progress will sync with servers, once you are back up on the internet. Every game will be playable offline, and many games will offer support for game controllers. Because subscribers can play Apple Arcade games across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, they can pick up where they left off in a game, even if they switch devices. New games will be added to the service on a regular basis.

Rather than pay up front for each game, a subscription to Apple Arcade will give players the opportunity to try any game in the service without risk. Since every game includes access to the full experience, including all game features, content and future updates, no additional purchases will be required.

The ‘Arcade’ will be directly available via the App Store. A tab at the bottom of the app store will help launch the Apple Arcade. The service is coming this fall, though there have been strangely no price revelations. The service will be launched across 150 regions simultaneously.

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