Zoho, a Chennai-based SaaS giant, has announced it has acqui-hired a Bangalore-based automated hiring startup ePoise Systems. However, the company has not revealed any financial data related to the deal but the company has said that the deal also included the acquisition of ePoise’s intellectual property rights.

While the financial details remains undisclosed, there are reports out there suggesting that not much money changed hands. A report from VCCircle even suggests that ePoise System, which last raised funding in 2015, was not able to secure further funding and was on a verge of shutting down the business.

Commenting on the acquisition, Shailesh Kumar Davey, vice president of Zoho Corporation said, “While making an acquisition, we look for the cultural fit as well as the product and technology fit.  Zoho offers Zoho Recruit and Zoho People, products in the HR space. ePoise technology may get used in these products.”

ePoise Systems was co-founded by Sachin Agrawal and Bishan Singh in 2013. As said, the Bengaluru-based startup offers an automated hiring software product targeted at mass recruiting companies. The product also has a series of pre-designed screening steps for various company profiles. Along with a set of assessments which finally lead to an automated video interview.

The acquisition could become a part of Zoho’s existing HR-based products. The company currently offer two products/services for HR management — Zoho Recruit and Zoho People. It could help Zoho add higher automation capabilities to its human resource centric products.

Zoho Corporation was founded by Sridhar Vembu 1996 and now has offices across seven countries including, US, Netherlands, Singapore, UAE, Japan, and, China. Company is headquartered in California, with international headquarters in Chennai, India.

The company is offering more than 40 integrated online applications aiding multiple business operations such as sales and marketing, finance, email and collaboration, information technology and help desk, human resources and custom solutions like app creator and analytics.

It claims to have 45 million global users and is a profitable company with over 7,000 employees. Also, the company had been bootstrapped since its inception and has reportedly declined acquisition offers from SalesForce. Products of Zoho competes against the likes of Freshworks, Wingify, Five Second Test and Convert, among others.

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