It isn’t a production ready model yet like its competitors, but OnePlus made sure to not stand out as the loner in the party known as the Mobile Wold Congress. The small yet aggressively growing Chinese smartphone maker unveiled a prototype of its upcoming 5G smartphone. The prototype however, is the same handset that OnePlus had promised to launch earlier this year.

The company did not really seem the most eager to show off early designs of the prototype as they limited the entrance to a closed door event for the selected few. Apart from that, the device was hidden by layers of protective glass with the important details not wholly visible.

From whatever was visible though, viewers were able to make out the details of a phone encased in a white shroud and under a canopy. The smartphone seems to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem to establish 5G connectivity.

OnePlus also allowed fans to experience the gaming features of the phone which include a 5G cloud gaming setting of the phone which only requires players to use a smartphone and a gamepad.

Qualcomm explains, “Through the powerful capabilities of cloud processing as well as the throughput and responsiveness of 5G, players can play large sized games online that are generally only playable after downloading onto the PC first. Utilizing Snapdragon elite gaming features and optimizations, players were able to experience high definition and low latency cloud gaming like never before.”

The gaming demo uses a game that only takes up around 20MB of the phones data, with the rest of it streaming. This helps enforce a lag-free gaming experience thanks to the 5G.

OnePlus has also revealed information about global availability and carrier collaborations with Finland and the UK. The company has officially announced that the new 5G phones will be stocked up on Finland shelves by Q2 in 2019 after forging a partnership the top Finnish telecom service provider, Elisa. Additionally, the company had earlier confirmed that it will be working with EE to release a 5G smartphone in the UK.

It is still unsure about whether the new 5G phone will be a OnePlus 6T with new hardware or a variant of the OnePlus 7.

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