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As Indian Government looks to formally regulate Internet businesses within the country, the new draft released by the Government on Saturday also deals with one important aspect plaguing the Internet economy — pirated content.

Identifying the loss piracy results in, the Indian Government is now looking to form a special council involving all major industry stakeholders to deal with piracy. These stakeholders shall be both creators as well as advertises. The new committee will put websites found serving pirated content under an ‘Infringing Websites List’.

Just to put losses into perspective, the Indian Film industry — which is the largest in the world in terms of ticket sales — looses a massive $2.8 Billion annually, to piracy alone.

According to the new draft policy, ISPs will be asked to remove or disable access to the websites identified in the IWL within set time-lines. And not just ISPs, the Government this time will also ask payment gateways to block flow of payments to or from such rogue websites. Search engines will also be asked to take necessary steps to remove websites in their search results and advertisers or advertising agencies shall not host any advertisements on them.

The policy also covers all intermediaries who might be a part of the process of pushing content online. The policy, once put into force, shall ask intermediaries to created a new set of ‘trusted entities’. These entities will see their piracy complaints being resolved on a priority basis. The identification of trusted entity and anti-piracy measures shall be done on a voluntary basis, it added.

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