You wanted this. All of us dreadily wanted this. We all are headached to the brim, seeing how literally anyone on WhatsApp can simply add us to the group they want. No more though, as WhatsApp has started testing a new feature on iOS beta, wherein you get full control over who can add you to a specific group and who can not.

The feature works similarly to how privacy controls currently work on WhatsApp. Similar to the way how you can control as to who can see your profile picture or status, you will get controls on who can you add you to groups.

In the image below (source:WABetaInfo), you can see a newly added option of ‘Groups’ which allows you to change privacy settings of groups along with other options.

Image source : WABetaInfo

Once you click on the ‘Groups’ section, you are redirected to a new section on the app that lets you chose between three different privacy settings :

Source :WABetaInfo

In either of the settings, there is a new invitation system that has been put in place. If in case an admin wants to add you to a specific group, you will receive an invitation from that particular admin to join the group. These invitations will expire if you do not respond within 72 hours of receiving the same. Note that you won’t be able to receive two invitations from the same group at the same time.

A much needed update from WhatsApp, it is still unsure as to when there will be a public roll-out of the feature. However, considering this is a massively demanded feature and the fact that it has featured in the beta roll-out, expect it to make it to your device soon.

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