There is nothing more frustrating than spending lots of time building a fantastic website, having users visit in their droves but failing to translate these into sales. If you are finding this is happening with your website, we feel your pain but we do have to tell you that where visits to your site aren’t generating sales it is usually down to something on the website that isn’t quite right. Here are our top 5 things to change on your website today that will help to increase those sales.

1. Keep your home page simple

You might think it would be a good idea to show off all of your products on your home page, surely then potential customers can find something they like, right? Studies actually show, however, that customers prefer to have companies focus on one or two different products and supply plenty of text to fully answer questions that they might have about them. Take a look at some of the best home page designs for inspiration.

2. Create ways to capture email addresses

Email is an excellent marketing tool but to make use of it you need actual email addresses. You need to come up with some way to encourage visitors to your site to give you their details. Maybe you could offer a newsletter or some form of download? This only works if you can get visitors to your site, read our blog post on maximising visitor footprint if you need help doing this.

3. Build trust with testimonials

In modern society, where we can find lots of information online, customers expect to be able to see what others think of you as a company and of your products. Ensure that your website shows them off so that customers are not left thinking that you have something to hide. If you need any help with making your website look inviting and professional head to

4. Create content that targets key market segments

Content that matters to people is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. It is also a good idea to create some content that is specific market sectors. By speaking directly to people in these markets you not only draw them into your website but you demonstrate your expertise in an area that matters to them. This can help them gain confidence in you as a business, encouraging them to purchase from you. If you need help, take some tips from others who are writing great content.

5. Install live chat

Live chat is great for busy people who have questions about your products. It allows them the opportunity to have these questions answered quickly without having to spend lots of time doing their own research. It can also help show your business in a positive light, so long as the person doing your live chat is professional and knowledgeable about the products that are on your website. Another bonus of live chat is that it can be used as a tool for collecting email address as well, another tool in your sales arsenal.

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