Opera has officially become the World’s first web browser to provide VPN with its service which is now extending to mobile phones as well.

The new VPN is being gradually rolled out to beta testers across the world and it is completely free without any log management and as has no usage cap either. The locations offered are those in America, Europe and Asia along with an optimal setting that hooks up to the fastest connection available.

Opera claims that it is offering the VPN service to ensure complete privacy when it comes to browsing the internet. The offered VPN is a no-log offering. This essentially means that all information transacting via the VPN remains uncollected, ensuring that privacy and security of users’ data are not jeopardised when they are connected to a public network. 

This is not the first time that Opera has introduced the free VPN service to its users. Previously in 2016, Opera offered many services such as ad tracker blocking and wifi security tests among others. however, even though these services were very popular, they were discontinued in 2018 for unknown reasons. Now, Opera has come back fresher than before and has launched newer and better features such as the cookie dialogue box blocking and the cryptojacking among others.

Opera has also made the beta browser available for downloading from the google playstore and besides its core apps, Opera also offers a touch browser that is optimized for products without a home button. This launched on Android and expanded to IOS late last year.

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