Tesla yesterday unveiled their new Wall Charger that can be plugged directly into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. This is a common high-voltage plug-point in the USA. One of the most cumbersome decisions while buying a Tesla is figuring out a solution for charging the car.

The first option is to install a hardwired charging station at home, which connects to the house’s electrical system. This requires a Tesla-recomenned electrician to come over to your place and set the charging station up. But this new Wall Charger can be mounted onto a wall easily without and be used by plugging it into the 14-50 power socket. All without the hassles of any technicians. However, the hardwired solution charges the car faster than the this new wall charger. If you can do with slightly slower charging times, this new portable option would be a great addition to your garage.

And the second option is to use the Gen 2 mobile connector that comes with bundled with the car. Even though it uses a 14-50 adapter, it has a max power output of 32 Amps. But this new wall charger has a max power output of 40 Amps (9.6kW), making it 25% faster than the mobile charger.

Nevertheless, these charging times are not uniform across the board. Only the Model X, Model S, and the Model 3 Long Range can charge at 40 Amps. The Model 3 Mid-Range and Standard Range models will still charge at 32 Amps.

Tesla’s new Wall Charging Station slots in nicely between the two current charging alternatives. It is quicker and offers a cleaner look than the mobile connector and at the same time, is way more portable than the hardwired system.

Going for $ 500, this wall connector is priced very much in line with other EV charging alternatives out in the market. It makes for a compelling buy if you’re on the road a lot, or want a more portable charging experience. Especially, if you’re the owner of a Model S or Model X. You can order it right now (only in the US) on Tesla’s website.

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