Online gambling is one of the fast-moving industries, and since the beginning, in the 90s there have been continuous innovations that have allowed companies to grow and prosper. The technology has helped online casinos to ensure that players will have similar if not better experience compared with land-based casinos.
The first company to really make real cash from online gambling was Microgaming. At the time though not many people had computers and also internet connections were sketchy to say the list. There were no mobile phones connections so the market was significantly smaller.
After Microgaming other companies followed suit but the quality of the games and the general online gaming experience was nothing that could have been compared with land-based gambling venues. The main innovation though was that it was finally possible to play casino games remotely.
The technology, however, continued to improve at a fast rate and that allowed the software developers to start enhancing their games with graphics and images of excellent quality.

Continuous Improvement of Technology

The industry was reshaped continuously by the constant improvement of the technology. More and more software developers company eyed the gambling industry as they saw excellent opportunities for profits. Not all the technology innovations have been beneficial to the online gambling industry, and in some cases, it was a matter of deciding what the technology improvements that could have really deliver a step up were.
Over this process, the technology has allowed developers to make online casino games available on mobile and now the industry is looking at augmented reality technology and virtual gaming as a way to offer an entirely new and better experience to punters.

Augmented Reality Technology

Many casinos have already introduced the augmented reality technology in their games. The technology has allowed with new features to make live gaming a lot more exciting and engaging. People can play a game facing real people in a realistic virtual environment: this will allow the opportunity to face a live dealer and also decide where to place your wager. In a nutshell, it is like being in a land-based casino but without leaving the comfort of your home.
Another important thing that the new technology is allowing is the 360 degree experience. As reported by Ethan Rowe, editor of casino biggest bonus: ‘players can easily look at what is going on in other tables and decide if they should move and join them. This new technology is likely to deliver another blow to existing land-based casinos as it is allowing players to have nearly the same experience but remotely’.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality Technology will be used in gaming so that the player can be transported into a new virtual environment and be completely absorbed. The first company that decided to go for the VR technology was SlotsMillion casino back in 2015. Since those days the VR has made significant steps forward and a player can now wander around and enjoy playing at the ultra-modern VR adapted slots.
The use of VR technology has had a dual effect: it has improved the gameplay and the experience and also has made the gaming limitless. With VR you can try to read the other players face, play dice and cheer your online champions in what is a very immersive experience.

Online casinos are able to offer better terms to their customers since the running costs are lower than a land-based casinos. This is why online players can benefit from regular bonuses which is not the norm in brick-and-mortar casinos. Another reason why online gambling has become so popular is that the technology has allowed players to have a bet anytime and wherever they are. There is no need to dress up or to spend money on drinks or food: all you need to do is to sit on your sofa and have fun by yourself or with friends.
In addition to this online casinos have massive progressive jackpots available and those have caused very good publicity to online casino companies and attracted many punters in search of a life-changing win.
It is difficult to say for sure how things will pan out in the future and how technology will impact the future of online gambling. What it is expected is that technology will probably continue on the same path: supporting online gaming companies to create an even more realistic and immersive experience. This will in return attract more and more players towards remote gambling with an inevitable adverse effect on land-based operators.

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