Dog – a man’s best friend. That line is true in every sense. But seldom — intentionally or unintentionally — this best friend of ours doesn’t exactly get the best of treatments. Even till this day, there is nothing we can do with 100% efficiency to shelter them from something that terrifies them the most, Fireworks. And the problem is way more prevalent in a country like ours. But Ford is looking to change that with their new and technologically advanced Kennel.

The American car manufacturing giant has recently developed a noise cancelling prototype kennel inspired by technology which is pretty similar to the one used in their Edge SUV. It works on the same principle as any other active noise cancellation headphones. The microphones inside the kennel detect the frequency of the sound produced by the fireworks. A built in audio system then produces opposite frequencies which would completely neuter the oncoming sound waves. Apart from this, the kennel is constructed with a high density cork which would provide passive noise cancellation as well.

But one thing to note is that, this is still in the prototype stage and we have no idea when it is going to hit the shelves. But if or when it makes it to the market, it would provide some much needed solace to the pups and their worrying owners.

 It is the first in a series of initiatives—called interventions—that applies automotive know-how to help solve everyday problems.

said Ford in a release

There’s also the Ford Max Motor Dream, a cot developed for babies which Ford showed us last year. Which stimulates a car ride in the cot for babies to fall asleep. It has small motors underneath that mimics the movement of the car, plays actual road noises and a LED light that mimics the glow of street lights. In spite of generating lot of buzz, the project never came to fruition and is still in the prototype stage.

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