This year’s edition of Google’s Year in Search is here. The Google Year in Search isn’t a mere list of the most searched or most popular things on the search engine, it goes much beyond. Practically every person on this planet with access to the internet has relied on Google for various stuff – right from asking the weather and navigating your way through the city to asking it about this new Fornite dance everyone seems so obsessed about.

The Year in Search is a reflection of what events captivated us the most, what fads were people obsessed with, and which people were the most beloved on the world wide web. And Google captured the spirit of 2018 perfectly with a riveting 2 min video on the stuff  Google search engine summoned the most. 

In a year of ups and downs, the world searched for “good” more than ever before. Here’s to all the good moments from 2018 and all the people who searched for them.

Sundar Pichai, via Twitter

The FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia dominated this year’s searches. The WC united fans all over the world and got our eyeballs glued to the screens cheering our favorite teams. Marriages were a big thing this year. While the entire world viewed the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Megan Markle, people in India were equally gushing over The Ranveer – Deepika wedding as well as the Priyanka – Nick Jonas wedding. 

Here’s a list of top 10 searches this year: 
1) World Cup
2) Avicii
3) Mac Miller
4) Stan Lee
5) Black Panther
6) Meghan Markle
7) Anthony Bourdain
8) XXXTentacion
9) Stephen Hawking
10) Kate Spade

2018 also left us heatbroken with the deaths of many celebrated people. 7 out of the top 10 googled personalities were those who passed away. Some of them were rappers XXXTentacion and Mac Miller, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and the Almightly of Marvel Comics Stan Lee. 

Black Panther and Deadpool 2 were the most popular films this year while Demi Lovato and Cardi the most popular music artists. NBA Star Thristian Thompson and actor Sylvester Stallone also topped their respective lists.  Apart from the World Cup and the Royal Wedding, Hurricane Florence, Election Results and Florida shootings also dominated the news queries on Google.  

“What is section 377”, “What is happening in Syria”, “What is kiki challenge”, and “What is me too campaign” were some of the most asked questions on Google in our country. Karnataka Election Results and Statue of Unity were also amongst the top search hits this year. 

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