After months of endless torment, Marvel has decided to put its fans out of misery. Marvel just dropped the trailer for the most awaited film of 2019 – The Avengers Endgame. And the video is unsurprisingly exploding all over the internet. The video has garnered over 1 million likes in just a couple of hours. This should speak a lot about how psyched the fans are about this movie. 

Trailer Breakdown: 

The trailer starts off where it left things with the Avengers Infinity War, with IronMan relaying what seems to be his final goodbye to Pepper, his fiance. He is in a spaceship drifting into space, with no food, water, and oxygen set to run out in a few hours. [cue dramatic music] You then see Thanos’ armor mounted on a stick in what looks like Wakanda. And then there’s a shot of Thanos walking amongst a field, very much reminiscent of the opening shot of Maximus in Gladiator.

Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) is conversing with a heartbroken Captain America about the horrors of what Thanos had done. There’s also a shot of Bruce Banner aka The Hulk looking at a list of all the missing people. Scott Lang (Ant-Man), our beloved Spidey and Shuri are seen as a part of the list. And there are 2-second shots of Thor and Nebula brooding. We are then treated to shot of Hawkeye wielding a sword in some Asian country as Natasha watches him in the background.

The scene cuts back to Natasha and Steve Rogers. Natasha: “This is going to work, Steve”. Steve: “I know it is. Cuz I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t”[Roll credits] AVENGERS ENDGAME. And in the final scene, you see Scott Lang, yes the same Scott Lang who got stuck in the Quantum Realm at the end of Ant-Man & Wasp. He is calling out to the security camera at the gate to be let in. Steve and Natasha look at the feed, visibly puzzled. THE END. 

What could this all mean? 

Marvel clearly embraced the “more is less concept”. While you don’t get any epic action shots, you do get some really intense and to a certain extent dark scenes in this trailer. Seems like Marvel is paying a homage to the OG Avengers. This trailer exclusively focuses on the first 6 Avengers with whom this epic saga began.

There are no signs of Captain Marvel (supposedly the strongest superhero out there) nor any other superheroes who were spared from Thanos’ wrath (except Scott of course). Even, Thanos isn’t completely shown in this trailer.

In conclusion, what we can gather from this trailer is while Tony Stark is left all alone wandering space, down on Earth (or midgard as Thor likes to call it) – Captain,  Natasha, Bruce and Thor have hatched some kind of plan to take down Thanos and try undo all the deaths  . It seems like resurfacing of Scott could be the missing piece to their puzzle. 

One thing to remember is that Marvel Producers spoke about how the film would be exploring the Multi-verse concept more in this film, and leaked photos of the set could indicate time travel back to New York during the Chitauri invasion. They also implied that most of the original Avengers would meet their deaths this film. And we still do not have answers to the question of who is going to be killed in this film – IronMan or Captain America or both? I would like to revisit what I said initially, has Marvel really put us out of our misery……or has it piled on it?

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