There were rumors that Google may soon release an interactive, smart display device. Being dubbed as the Home Hub, the device is being projected as it’s answer to Amazon’s Echo range. However, there is likely to be a key difference, and that would be the fact that the upcoming Google device is likely to pack highly immersive video capabilities.

Google already has a range of smart speakers floating out there. And it is currently competing neck to neck with Amazon’s Alexa powered speakers. However, Amazon recently introduced the video element with its Show range of devices. Whenever its latest Home Hub device materializes, Google will again be competing with Amazon on equal terms. However from what we have seen so far, Google’s smart display might just have some advantage as it appears to really call out the video element.

At it’s heart, the Home Hub smart display device operates in a manner similar to Google Home speakers. Depending upon which smart home components you are using, you should also be able to control devices like  lights, security cameras, TVs etc. What’s more, multiple people in an household can use the same device, thanks to it’s ‘Voice Match’ ability, that will let the device recognize and respond to the voice commands issued by different people.

Apart from the perennial YouTube support, users will also be able to pull up their calendars, reminders etc. on the screen of the Home Hub. Even as an assistant, Home Hub will deliver highly visual and immersive answers. Of course by visual, we don’t think the company is thinking of pulling up Google search result pages. That would make the device what?………A glorified android tablet? I am sure Google will do better than that, and its Home Hub smart display device will pack a slew of surprises.

The device would likely be announced at the 9th of October, and released on the 22nd of October.

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