After Instagram co-founder’s recent departure from its folds, Facebook found itself called upon to choose a new chief for the image-sharing subsidiary. The company has apparently made the selection, and Adam Mosseri has been chosen to carry on the legacy. Mosseri currently serves as Facebook’s VP of News Feed, and was recently given additional charge as Instagram VP of Product.

Interestingly enough, the transfer of power (At least symbolically) comes from the Instagram founders and not, say, Zuckerberg.

We are thrilled to hand over the reins to a product leader with a strong design background and a focus on craft and simplicity — as well as a deep understanding of the importance of community. These are the values and principles that have been essential to us at Instagram since the day we started, and we’re excited for Adam to carry them forward.

Said Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

The duo decided to leave Instagram in face of what some said, was increasing interference from Facebook management, and a loss of autonomy.

Their replacement, Mosseri, is a long-time Facebook veteran, and is considered a Zuckerberg confidante. He has been with the social networking giant since 2008, and is credited with turning the news feed into what it is today. With Kevin Weil moving to the Blockchain team, Mosseri also took up the mantle of Instagram VP of Product. He has apparently been well-received and is on good terms with the company’s founders as well.

Speaking on the topic, Mosseri said:

The impact of their (Systrom and Krieger) work over the past eight years has been incredible. They built a product people love that brings joy and connection to so many lives. I’m humbled and excited about the opportunity to now lead the Instagram team. I want to thank them for trusting me to carry forward the values that they have established. I will do my best to make them, the team, and the Instagram community proud.

Mosseri certainly has his work cut out for him.  While Instagram is doing fairly well, there are concerns regarding its “Facebook-ization”. Concerns that are certain to have been aggravated by the founder’s departure. Mosseri will be responsible for ensuring that even with the founders gone, Instagram will continue to maintain its unique identity. With US mid-term elections around the corner, he will also face the responsibility of ensuring that Instagram remains a free and fair social media platform, instead of a tool for one or the other side.

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