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Are you an iOS fan? Because if yes, then the answer to your prayers is here. Well, almost. Apple has launched the first public beta of the iOS 11 and thus begun the countdown for a launch of the operating system. The beta is available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have a developer account and will allow you to grab an early look at the system.

The final operating system will still be released sometime in the fall, however, the Cupertino giant will now keep on coming up with public betas at regular intervals. This will allow it to leverage the might of the crowd in ironing out the bugs. However be warned, the OS is not perfect and as such, don’t install it on your primary device unless you are Bruce Wayne.

Provided that you do have an extra device lying around somewhere, simply back up all the data on it, and then go  to this website and enroll your compatible iOS device. The operating system will be installed.

As for what is under the hood, well, iOS 11 is going to be a drastic update to expect a lot of changes. For instance, you get a smarter Siri that allows you to say “Siri, how do i say “the pope is cool” in Italian” and Siri will speak out the answer to you. Quite a handy tool for someone going traveling I would say. Additionally, there is the screen mirroring feature, that takes your productivity to Ironman-ish levels.

The iOS also brings in massive camera updates, and new tweaks. For instance, you can also play around with live photos, and even chose the particular live photo which you want should act as a still. Choosing a particular frame from a live photo is pretty cool as it will allow you to chose just the perfect shot. You can also play live photos back and forth on a loop to create a Harry Potter like effect.

Payments have also been improved, allowing you to make them from inside iMessages. Maps now has an interesting indoor navigation feature that will allow you to deploy it while moving inside malls and airports. And speaking of Maps, iOS 11 will also have an automatic Do Not Disturb while Driving mode that will  be able to detect when you are driving and make the screen go blank.

So yeah. A pretty cool update, I would say. Well, what are you waiting for? Go download it and show it of to your buddd

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