In Bangalore amidst all the rush and tumble of the streets, Petrol is as important as water. Well, almost. And capitalizing upon the same, we have a brand new startup that is working to deliver petrol to the masses. We are talking about MyPetrolPump, a company that is breaking the stereotypes and is delivering diesel (and eventually petrol) on-demand, in Bangalore.

Here is a tweet from D Roopa, who is an IPS officer, regarding the startup. Feast your eyes upon the deliverer, the savior of people stranded on roads with their empty fuel tanks and so on.

So unless you are in Bangalore, you might be like, isn’t this too much?Well, ask a Banglorite and you will get a very different answer. The long queues at the petrol pumps the tedious journeys to actually go there, these are all factors that could make this startup a major success yet.

The company is using a mini fuel refuler, which is nothing else but a small and modified pickup, for the purpose. The startups currently serves  Koramangala and HSR Layout. However, the real benefit may be realized by denizens of areas like  Bangalore, like Bellandur, Bommanahalli, and BTM Layout, which are somewhat far flung.

The startup could well find some major customers in large organizations like schools, colleges and hospitals, which have a lot of vehicles. This could really turn out to be a money spinner if dealt right. Also, vehicles aren’t all there is to them either. For instance, they can also supply generators which are ever present around the city in order to deal with the frequent power cuts.

MyPetrolPump generates its revenue through a delivery fee of INR 99 (US$1.5) for any quantity of fuel up to 100 liters, and INR 1 liter for any amount beyond that. The company received the order, picks up the fuel from a pump and reaches your location. So there isn’t any warehousing or inventory involved either. The company is already generating over 3,000 calls a day and is unable to cope with all of them.

So you see, there is plenty of scope for the company and plenty of room to grow as well. Sure, it will have to deal with the issues faced by hyperlocal delivery startups (which generally fail in India) but the nature of the product and the fact that it is a something bought and consumed instantly, mean that MyPetrolPump will have some advantages.

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