Former Baidu chief scientist Andrew Ng has launched a startup of his own. Technically, the startup will be launched in August, but we do have a logo and the domain to go by for now.

Ng announced the same through Twitter:

Launching my new project! Hope will help many of you” More announcements soon. #deeplearniNgAI

Did you see what he did with the name there? Cool, right? Interestingly enough, the domain has been registered to Baidu’s Sunnyvale AI research campus, which is also the same office Ng would have worked from as an employee. So what is this? Is it just an amateur mistake of working on your own startup while on duty? Or is it something else?

Well, Baidu has confirmed that it doesn’t have any association with the startup.

Baidu has no association with this project but we wish Andrew the best in his work.

Andrew Ng left Baidu back in March and at that time, his destination was unknown. However, it seems like a new startup had been on the cards this whole time.

Meanwhile the name suggests a generalized, enabling technology rather than anything else and we could be looking at a company that helps other companies train their data models or something along that line of thought.

This is pretty much all the information we have at present folks, we will try and come up with additional information as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

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