Square recently released its first ever diversity report. The Jack Dorsey led payments company has come up with some numbers regarding the composition of its employees and unfortunately, it is below par. Albeit in Square’s credit, the company  isn’t the worst out there by far.

To sum up the report in a sentence, Square has a 36.7 percent female population globally. Out of its total employees, around 57.3 percent are white, 6.4 percent are black and 5.8 percent are Latinx in the U.S. Interestingly, while these number aren’t exactly exemplary, they are still quite better than what Google, Twitter and Facebook, in several aspects.

These results come through a detailed inclusion survey conducted by Square. The survey saw participation from almost 80 percent of the company’s employees and revealed things like sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities, veteran status and primary languages.

Speaking on the topic, Square diversity and inclusion lead Alicia Burt told TechCrunch:

A lot of other ways we think about diversity and inclusion were included in the survey, like is English your first language, the education status of your parents and if you’re a caregiver for someone other than your children. Those are things that we think are really important in making up a person.

These surveys also contribute towards the well being of the employees. She added:

When you have decision-making meetings late in the day, be mindful of the fact that you have parents on your team. And don’t change the schedule at the last minute, and rotate who owns the meeting so that it’s not constantly being prescribed by San Francisco.

Square is also running an ally program where the goal is to make sure that the employees stand up for others who need their help, and are careful enough to not cause them accidental pain. This included the ethics of behavior while around a team member with disabilities, and being an aly to them.

The company is ramping up the number of ally training it ofers and eventually means to make it a part of the hiring process.

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