Being the leader of the global PC market isn’t a nominal achievement and Lenovo surely knows that. It has to constantly innovate to integrate never-seen-before technology into its hardware devices while also capturing the interest of the masses. Following along the said lines, the Chinese giant has today taken the wraps off an over-the-top concept laptop.

At its Transform event in New York, Lenovo has today shown off what it thinks could be the future of portable laptops — and surely it comprises a flexible display. As seen in the tweet attached below, the Chinese hardware giant is tugging at people’s attention with the inclusion of a bendable screen that stretches to the edge of the keyboard.

And did you notice that the concept laptop does not carry a trackpad, it is only a stretched out keyboard that covers most of the real estate. It seems the system will include advanced AI-powered voice capabilities (and a touchscreen, which makes use of new display technologies) that will enable the user to navigate across the screen without the need for a trackpad. It will also bring along a pencil-like stylus to provide them another medium to navigate and write on the flexible screen.

Lenovo has only shown this one image to make us aware of the wild thoughts it is presently dreaming to bring about an upheaval in the PC market. The said laptop can be folded back into the form of a massive metal-chassis taco, which would be filling for us, tech enthusiasts.

While the concept laptop may seem all so gleamy to us, the images attached above are just renders. This laptop has been designed only on another system and not even a single piece of the same has been produced until date. If we look at the current trends then you’d understand that such an innovation is still about a couple odd years out. The masses still need to cozy up with the concept of flexible displays and they need to be mass-produced — to make them cheaper. You may also check out the laptop backpack review at The Outdoor Geeks.

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