Have you attempted to fire up Skype today, only to fall back disappointed? Well, you are not alone. On June 19th, the app suddenly fell victim to a slew of connectivity issues that continue on to today and keep the application from being used as its meant to. User are either losing connectivity t the application, or they are finding themselves stripped of the ability to send and receive messages all of a sudden.

There have been other issues as well including delays in adding users to the buddy list, or an inability to see the usual black bar that accompanies the app. Skype has confirmed the various issues through an official post as well as various tweets:

For some customers yes, we are having a global incident with connectivity, check  for updates ^AS

Now we are very uncertain as to what caused problems of this magnitude and nature but from what it looks like, this could well a system bug, a glitch, or even an attack on the Skype network. While there is no official confirmation of the latter, many third-party reports suggest that a DDoS attack may indeed b the cause of Skype’s current non-functioning state.

Indeed, there is a group called the  CyberTeam  (what an unpredictable name!) who have claimed responsibility for the attak and threatened to take down Steam next. However, there is no word from official sources as to whether this is the work of a cyber crime group or an issue within the system.

The issues appear to be concentrated within the European continent and particularly the UK. However, the problem could well be widespread and if you start having sudden and inexplicable issues with Skype, well you know that it’s not you. In the meanwhile, we await an official communication regarding the matter.

There is an ongoing incident affecting the ability to connect to the application: … We are investigating, stay tuned!

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