National Security Agency, well-known to everyone as the NSA, is one of the most secretive intelligence organizations of the United States. It has always kept its deepest-darkest secrets hidden behind locked vaults, but intruders broke in and reeked havoc across the globe. It seems the NSA is now making light of the situation and opening to the idea of open-sourcing with a handful of their projects to the general public.

With regards to the same, NSA has announced that it has opened its own GitHub account and shared code repositories under the NSA Technology Transfer Program. The agency has been operational since 1952 and employs some of the brightest mathematicians, as well as researchers who’re constantly working to break codes and gather digital information on everyone (well, it might still be true even when Edward Snowden has made the masses aware of such hidden acts.

This is not the first time NSA has made use of its GitHub accounts, which was launched back in 2015. The organization kicked off the sharing of internal projects when open sourced tool called SIMP (System Integrity Management Platform) during the same time. It has, however now made close to 32 projects, such as SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux), available to the masses via its GitHub account.

This is a significant development for the NSA as not many have made their way to the code repository platform over the year. Most of the U.S intelligence agencies have already made their way to the micro-blogging platform Twitter to interact and share updates with the general masses. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is also available on Twitter.

Ever since Snowden went haywire and leaked most of NSA’s internal documents on the interwebs via The Guardian back in 2013, These intelligence agencies have since been a little more transparent and created a minimal public presence to provide people assurance that it is one of them. It was because of such unwanted revelations that led Snowden to leak breached data and make agencies like NSA more interactive.

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