TeamIndus plans to create more awareness of its brand and the significant milestone it is inching closer to achieving. The venture has been hand-picked by Google for its $30 million Lunar XPRIZE and is currently the only private space company from India to aim for a mission to the Moon. It is now debuting a Campus Ambassador program to attract young talent to spread the word and work with them in the near future.

Talking about the Campus Ambassador program, Madhumita Bhattacharya, program lead, TeamIndus Foundation in a statement said:

The idea is to create excitement about space and engineering, not just the Moon Mission. We want students to be aware of the work happening here and the opportunities present in this nascent industry.

As mentioned in the internship offering, the venture states that it is looking to on-board close to 100 college students. It has already signed on 50 college students and plans on adding more over the next few months. This initiative will see students being pro-active about promoting TeamIndus in their colleges — by forming a space club, organizing related activities.

These activities will, in return, result in the students being awarded for their uncompromising commitment. They’ll be called to either visit the private space company’s headquarters or provided a chance to interact with online with TeamIndus engineers and scientists to learn more about engineering and designing a moon mission.

In the future, some of the selected student ambassadors may even secure the opportunity to intern with TeamIndus engineers in the near future. This initiative is being driven by TeamIndus Foundation, the CSR (Corporate social responsibility) arm of TeamIndus that’s focused on their sole mission — reaching the moon and making India stand tall in the space technology ecosystem. This has complemented the Lab2Moon program, which is aimed at calling upon students to share their ideas for sending certain technology to the moon.

The Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP) is directed at recognizing private space explorers how’re competent enough to complete their very first private mission to the Moon. It has already selected sixteen privately-funded teams, who need to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon, navigate 500 meters over its surface, and send back high-definition images to complete the mission.

The deadline for the landing has been set for 31st December of this year and TeamIndus has already snagged launch support from ISRO, who has been achieving its own milestones very recently. TeamIndus has also secured a partnership with the French Space Agency CNES to carry their payload, a new line of state-of-the-art cameras, to the Moon. Finger crossed, stay tuned for even more updates about India’s private Moon lander.

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