This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was crawling with innovative new television designs. Samsung, as one would expect, was one of the frontrunners and debuted its ‘Frame TV’ concept, which doubles as a picture frame and becomes a part of your home decor when not in use.

Back then, about three months ago, the Korean giant had only shown off this innovative new television design, with no information on the availability and pricing. The same is slated to change today. Samsung, via an official blog post, has today announced that Frame TV will be made available for purchase in two different screen sizes, along with interchangeable wooden bezels, on June 18.

As for the concept behind this television set, Samsung thought it was boring and bland to see the screen fade to all-black when it is switched off. Thus, it decided to provide you with an ‘Art Mode’ and a massive collection of close to 100 pieces of art to choose from when you flip the switch.

You can choose art pieces from around 10 different categories -– including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing and more. It will be expanded upon with close to 300 additional pieces of art, available for $20 per art piece or whole at $5 per month subscription. As for the specs, the Frame TV includes support for 4K HDR video streaming, Samsung smart TV features, and four HDMI ports, three USB ports for connectivity purposes.

Talking about the launch of the Frame TV, Dave Das, Senior VP of Consumer Electronics for Samsung Electronics America said:

With The Frame, we are changing how consumers actually view the TV itself. The entire concept of The Frame is unique and totally groundbreaking.

When it’s turned on, it offers the stunning picture quality our customers expect. When it’s turned off, it becomes the picture itself. So whether viewing movies or art, The Frame will redefine what consumers expect from a TV.

As for the pricing, Samsung has revealed that the 55-inch variant of the Frame TV will cost you $1,999 while the larger 65-inch variant will see you shell out $2,799. But, if you’re not satisfied with the original wooden borders of the television set then the Korean giant giving you options — white, beige and walnut shades to choose from. This will cost you an additional $200 for the 55-inch variant and $250 for the 65-inch variant.

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