We’re all aware of the caller identification and spam detection capabilities of Truecaller but the platform is now stepping out of its bounds to make new and innovative features available to its users. One such new feature, which is being shown off today, will have to be the authentication of visitors coming into office buildings.

To test out its authentication technique, which will work as a second level of security check, Truecaller has partnered with Vatika Business Centre. It is a first-of-its-kind collaboration where the latter plans to deploy this innovative security technology at every commercial, as well as residential building in their portfolio. The project is kicking off with commercial building and offices, with residential complexes being up next.

Talking about the partnership, Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Truecaller said:

This is super exciting for us as the tie-up will be a great step towards ensuring efficiency in operations without compromising on privacy. This in no way violates the privacy of our customers as it seeks user’s permission to give access to his/her information.

The two parties came together to launch the Visitor Management feature across all of Vatika’s workplaces, making it easier for the security personnel to keep track of incoming & outgoing visitors. The person could have a scheduled meeting or may show up at the office for a random chat session, Truecaller’s feature enables you to confirm the identity of the visitor within seconds without being a nuisance to the privacy and security of others.

Vineet Taing, President, Vatika Business Centre also comments on the collaboration as under:

We look forward to this collaboration across India. The integration is one- of its kind as it gets rid of the OTP process and is applicable for all Vatika Centres across India. This takes us to the next level of security.

Through this collaboration, it has become much easier for the visitors as well as the client as they can confirm whether we would like to meet a particular gentleman or not and make the necessary arrangements at the security level itself.

The end result of this collaboration is a feature which makes it uber-simple to manage visitors and cuts down on the waiting time for any person coming to a meeting at your workplace. Now that we’ll be able to learn his identity within seconds, the hiccups in the day to day processes at the offices should be none.

The same technology will soon be deployed in residential areas, making it simpler to identify delivery boys or relatives or simply any random person — if they’ve agreed to share their data with Truecaller.

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