Nokia has today announced the launch of network chips, which are claimed by the Finnish company as the world’s fastest network chips. With the launch, Nokia is making a breakthrough into the core router market, which is dominated by Cisco and Jupiter.We are sure that routers having the new Nokia chips will be amongst the best gaming routers on the market soon enough.

Along with that, the launch of the new network chips also gives a boost to its existing network business. The new products grew out of Nokia’s 15.6 billion Euro ($17.5 billion) acquisition of Alcatel and its IP network gear business.

The new products from Nokia promise to help it win business with tech bigwigs, which the company refers as web-scale customers, such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. For such companies, the transmission speed is everything and are still increasing spending on network gear.

Ray Mota, principal analyst, ACG Research in an official statement said:

With this announcement, Nokia will have the highest-performance system capacity in the market, and a lot of those web-scalers, they just want speed. That gives them an opportunity to approach the core network market with more credibility and gain some traction there.

The new traffic routers can handle the greater demands of virtual reality programming, cloud-based internet services, and next-gen mobile communications. They are also backward compatible with older products.

Nokia also says that its FP4 silicon will enable webscale operators and service providers to build faster, more secure networks. The networking chipset has a 2.4 Tb/s network processor. This enables clear-channel terabit speeds and petabit-class routers, said the company.

The Finnish giant has also built intelligent memory into its chip. The new FP4-based routing platforms are the company’s first that deliver terabit IP flows. This is a 10-time improvement over existing 100 Gb per second links — the highest available on the market, said Steve Vogelsang, CTO for Nokia’s IP and optical business.

The company is also introducing the 7950 petabit-class router aimed at the core routing market to help them secure business from customers such as Apple and Facebook. A petabit can transmit 5,000 two-hour-long high-definition videos every second.

For edge network customers, Nokia is introducing its 7750 router, offering the highest traffic capacity on the market. Nokia 7750 can deliver speeds of up to 4.8 terabits per slot, compared to Juniper’s 3 terabit edge router speeds, which had been the industry’s fastest until date.

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