The Silicon valley was sent into a tizzy when rumors of Peter Thiel using teen blood transfusions to stay forever young – or something like that — first came to the surface. I mean the use of teen blood as something to gain youth and immortality has occurred so many times in history and folklore that it has become the stuff of legends. And someone who resorted to something like that in this age and time, would be likened to a modern day vampire.

Well, his other oddities aside, this is not Peter Thiel’s cup of tea. Thiel is a billionaire, and more importantly, he is the kind of billionaire no one wants to cross. I mean, he helped take down Gawker media for a slight that took place over 10 years ago!

However, when rumors stating that Thiel was very interested in teen blood’s therapeutic effects surfaced, well the scoop was simply too juicy. Also, considering that this is the man who believes that women shouldn’t vote, there were many who believed in the tale of the modern day Dracula as well.

Meanwhile, the startup at the other end of the spectrum, Ambrosia, was reportedly contacted by a Thiel Capital medical director for harvesting teen blood. In case you are unaware of it, Ambrosia is a startup that injects you — or anyone with the money — with blood soured from the young — in return for substantial amounts of money. Indeed, the amount of money you need to shell out could go as high as $8,000 per treatment.

Anyhow, this generated a lot of publicity and Ambrosia founder founder Jesse Karmazin was recently invited at Recode’s Code conference to offer some clarification on the matter. And what do you know? Karmazin completely denied any association whatsoever with stating that he wished he knew Peter Thiel.

Thiel has certainly been interested in ways to defy death. He is an investor in several startups and is behind several researchers who are investigating anti-aging. And Peter Thiel believes that death is a problem that can be solved — stating as much in various interviews. However, it would appear that pulling a Dracula, isn’t exactly something he believes in.

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