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Microsoft is joining the Cloud Foundry foundation. The company announced its intentions to join the nonprofit organization that is responsible for the Cloud Foundry project, today. Just FYI, the open source Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service project is highly popular among enterprises and is used by a large percentage of the world’s biggest corporations.

Microsoft has taken a gold membership at the organization. Other gold members at the organization include Huawei, Google, Ford, GE Digital, NTT, Philips and Swisscom.  With this, Cloud Foundry has gained a highly influential and important supporter. And considering that it already had Google’s support, it has obtained a direct reach to a large portion of enterprises that use the cloud.

Of course, if Amazon was to take up the membership as well, the cloud foundry would be elevated to an unprecedented position with regards to cloud. After all, Google, Amazon and Microsoft make up a very, very significant percentage of the cloud.

As for what Microsoft is planning to do now, well, the company could bring in back-end integrations with the Azure Database for PostgresSQL and MySQL as the backend databases for Cloud Foundry-based application. This could lead to significant improvements.

Meanwhile, the decision to join Cloud Foundry is not a bolt from the blue. The company was already highly active in a number of cloud foundry projects, although taking up a formal membership kind of puts a seal on the whole thing. The company is also associated with the foundry through its acquisition of Deis earlier in the year, considering that many developers associated with the latter have also worked with the Cloud Foundry.

With all these levels of association, we can see some deeper integrations brought out soon. Microsoft is also joining the Open Service Broker working group, so if nothing else, we could soon see additional support for service broker.

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