Oh yes, you now have the option to rent an e-scooter or bicycle at Singapore Science Park 1. Ascendas-Singbridge along with Singapore-based startup Neuron Mobility has begun a six-month trial that is supposed to end on December 13.

50 GPS-enabled e-scooters and 20 bicycles are available today onwards from six parking zones within the 29ha park. The vehicles, which is available for the staff and visitors at Singapore Science Park 1,  will be another mode of transport within the park, apart from the shuttle bus and public transport services.

The service is quite easy to avail — you have to download the Neuron app, which is available on both Android and Apple. Then, you need to scan QR code on the docking stations and on the back of the vehicle to unlock, e-scooter and bikes, respectively. They can be unlocked at a rate of $0.50 per 15 minutes. Zachary Wang, CEO of Neuron Mobility, in a statement, he comments,

To be a truly viable large-scale first- and-last-mile solution, it is more than just providing reliable personal mobility devices. It is about being equipped to manage and optimise the entire network, which we pride ourselves in.

The app also gives information regarding the location of docking stations, and also the number of available parking spots at the designated areas. In addition, the scooters and docking points are equipped with sensors for real-time monitoring. This has been done to ensure responsible user behavior. Also, Zachary added this will help them keep track of them time when the scooter has been returned. Also, the vibration sensors will send them an alert and real-time location if someone tries to move the vehicle away or attempt vandalism.

Manohar Khiatani, deputy group CEO of Ascendas-Singbridge, was quoted saying, that post the successful trial at Park 1, they will extend the service to the Park 2, and gradually across other places in Singapore. He added,

Our tenants will now have an efficient, alternative mode of transport to work, meetings, lunch or other social appointments in and around the park.

Photo credits: Joyce Fang

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