Boustead Singapore’s subsidiary Esri Singapore has unveiled a startup programme that is specifically aimed at assisting companies that are developing sustainable solutions by equipping them with sophisticated location analytics capabilities. The target businesses should have been founded less than three years with an annual revenue not exceeding $1 million. They will receive a bundle of technology support and services worth $250,000 for three years.

The participating startups will get to leverage Esri Singapore’s ArcGIS platform, which will help them with data and visualisation capabilities. These chosen businesses will get technology support and services worth $250,000 for three years.

First launched in the US in 2012, the startup programme has since benefitted hundreds of startups all over the world using location-based analytics technology to develop breakthrough solutions for industries such as aviation, utilities, transportation, retail and media among others. Esri Singapore CEO Thomas Pramotedham, said,

Through this programme, we look forward to playing a part in the development of sustainable smart nation solutions that address real-world challenges in our communities.

Neuron Mobility is first startup that is going to benefit from this programme in the Island nation. The transport tech startup enables users to share bicycles and e-scooters using the same app. It has been using the ArcGIS platform to analyse commuter behaviour, and get a better overview of how they can distribute bicycles and electric scooters in a way that optimizes consumer usage. It will be launching its shared-use mobility system tomorrow (June 14).


Neuron Mobility founder Zachary Wang, as per the Straits Times said, this program has provided them with a full-suite software platform and professional support, which a generally, a startup, would not be able to afford. He has added,

By participating in this programme, we have now been equipped with a powerful tool that enables us to make informed decisions for the initial years of our business.

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