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In a bid to take upon the likes of Google, Facebook and other majors in the advertising space, Snap has decided to come up with a couple of new advertising features. And in a twist, these features appear to be inspired from Facebook — it is usually the latter that draws inspiration from the former.

First up among these features is the ad manager. The feature allows advertisers to do all sorts of stuff ranging from buy, manage, optimize, and view analytics about campaigns they might be running at that time. This also gives them the option to pay through credit cards as opposed to credit lines. Advertisers can also by ad through auction, and use each and every one of Snapchat’s ad formats.

However, all of their advertisements still need to be reviewed by Snapchat before they are pushed to the company’s hundreds of millions of audience.

Snapchat also provides advertisers with a mobile dashboard that would allow users to track the performance of their campaigns from anywhere in the world. Companies can also set up billing and access levels for different team members, letting them run their independent campaigns.

The company has also pushed out a new Snap publisher tool with the aim of facilitating the creation of videos. These videos can then be used as part of campaigns for Snapchat’s vertical video format. The tool will be available for use next month. This could also prove to be a huge asset wherein people want to convert their YouTube and TV advertisements into Snap ads.

Finally, Snapchat is bringing in a Certified Partner Program, that will let the company provide training to a select set of its top ad tech partners. What’s more, the companies that come under the awning of this program will also receive preference when Snapchat starts referring clients to them. Initial partners include SocialCode, Adaptly, Unified, and Hyfn. This again, is something that would appear to have been derived from Facebook’s strategic partners program.

At the end of the day, Snapchat, Facebook and all of their friends are all about driving advertising revenue. With its new tools, Snapchat could well be able to attract more ad dollars its way.

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