Minecraft is receiving a big update and Microsoft has decided to knock down the walls. The company has released a new update titled “better together”, that makes it possible for users sporting the game on a console, mobile, and Windows 10 PC,  play the game together. Whether it is the Nintendo Switch, or the VR version, Minecraft is now one and only.

This basically means two things. One, users will be able to play together. So if you have a friend who is using say an Xbox, and you are using a smartphone — both of you good people will still be able to interact and do stuff together. Conversely, you will also be able to play using any of these platforms. Microsoft has also dropped any specific branding and it is now just Minecraft, that you will be playing.

This particular change is to emphasize the newfound oneness of the game. The only exception to Minecraft is the Minecraft: Java Edition, which is the original game which was brought out for PCs. Meanwhile, users will be receiving a free update in the near future which will bring this change to their devices. And fret not, any and all games or worlds that you may have created will transfer right along.

The company has also announced a server browser that will allow you to join out of public servers. Public servers as you must be aware of, are open to everyone can contain millions of players. So if you don’t like being alone, well, here is your chance to jump in and have some fun.

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