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Uber has been having trouble with keeping its employees on-board. This year in particular, saw dozens of Uber employees leave, or forcibly terminated by the company due to misconduct. And we are talking senior level employees here.

Along the same, the company’s head of finance Gautam  Gupta has also decided to bid adieu to the cab aggregator. Gupta is shifting to Opendoor, where he will take up responsibilities as the company’s first ever Chief Operating Officer.

Gupta will be leaving Uber after a four year stint. Meanwhile, Uber CFOs do seem to be very good at landing Chief Operating positions at other companies. The company’s previous CFO Brent Callinoco, had also left the company in 2015 to join Hypeprloop One as its COO and CFO.

Also accompanying him to Opendoor are former Amazon executives Jason Child and Bali Raghavan. The three will help the real estate firm expand in newer markets. Meanwhile, the cab aggregator must add one more position to the list of vacancies that needs to be filled.

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