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WhatsApp is bringing in a slew of new features. The features seem intent upon establishing the application as one that makes use of visual features like images and videos. The company is definitely not the first to deploy the features. However, the applications massive reach mean that visual communication is now set to become totally mainstream.

Without further ado, here are the new features which are first coming to the company’s iOS application. TechCrunch has confirmed that these features are rolling out to iOS, though we don’t have a schedule for Android yet.

Visual Filters

First up are visual filters. As the name implies, the feature will allow you to apply a bunch of visual filters to pictures, videos and GIFs that you send within the application. First up, the company is kicking things off with five distinct filters.

These filters will do a bunch of things, including correcting poor lighting. Once things start off though, we can expect the company to introduce many more filters. Simply shoot a picture or a video and then apply any filter out of pop, black and white, cool, chrome, and film.


Next up is the Albums feature. You can now send four or more photos or videos to someone and expect WhatsApp to automatically group them all into a single album. This will provide more cohesiveness to media you send to other users.

Meanwhile, people at the receiving end will be able to click on the album and then swipe through the images easily.

Reply Shortcuts

The final feature on the list is reply shortcuts. This will allow users to reply to a message in a particular thread simply by swiping on it. Swipe on a message and it will be relegated to the bottom of the chat window allowing you to type your answer.

Have you already received these features? If yes, what do you think? Do let us know by commenting right below.

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