We are back from the WWDC and Apple is in full swing. As expected, the talks are covering a wide range of totally predictable topics and we recently had Apple talk about the iOS 11. Apple users as a rule are pretty active in upgrading their device to the latest OS from the company and if you use an iPhone and are not an exception, read on to find out what’s happening with iOS 11.

Announcing the new operating system, Tim Cook said:

Today, we’re going to take the world’s most advanced operating system.. and turn it up to 11.

Okay so first up is messaging. Sync has been improved and you can now delete a message on one device and watch it go poof on all of your devices. Similarly, in a space saving practice, only the most recent and relevant messages will be kept on the device with the rest transfered to the clouds.

A Smarter, more there, Siri

Next up is Siri, which is getting a couple of new voices. About time. The new voices include a male and a female version and according to Apple, both of them are significantly more natural as compared to their predecessor. The AI can now use its new voices to instantly translate what you are saying as well.

For instance, you can say “Siri, how do i say “the pope is cool” in Italian” and Siri will speak out the answer to you. Quite a handy tool for someone going traveling I would say. The feature currently supports four languages namely, Chinese, French, German and Italian.

Siri is also going to be much more there, or in other words, more contextually aware. For instance, if someone in Messages asks “Where are you?”, Siri will let you send your current location at a tap. If on the other hand, they ask “How far away are you?”, Siri will try and find where exactly you are headed too and offer up your time of arrival.

And that is not all. Say you are reading about China, Siri will know to offer you China related news in the news app and say you deploy a Chinese word while speaking with someone from that country, it won’t auto correct the word either.

Live Photos and Apple Pay

Next we come to photography, which has become really important to Apple of late. So now, Videos shot on iOS 11 will now be encoded in HEVC. What this means is that they will offer a better compression and you won’t have to compromise on the quality either.

You can also play around with live photos now, and even chose the particular live photo which you want should act as a still. Choosing a particular frame from a live photo is pretty cool as it will allow you to chose just the perfect shot. You can also play live photos back and forth on a loop to create a Harry Potter like effect.

Next, control center has been edited so that all of the basics like airplane mode rotation lock and so on are on the same page. What’s more, you can now 3-D touch stuff and bring up a whole host of options. For instance, 3-D touch the music controller and you can bring up the volume controls and so on.

We already talked about peer to peer payments on Apple Pay. Now, if someone messages you that you owe them a particular amount, a button will pop up within messages itself, that can be tapped to make the requisite payment.

Indoor navigation and driving

Maps now has an interesting indoor navigation feature that will allow you to deploy it while moving inside malls and airports. And speaking of Maps, iOS 11 will also have an automatic Do Not Disturb while Driving mode that will  be able to detect when you are driving and make the screen go blank.

The device will also hide incoming alerts and auto respond where it deems fit. You can also handpick people to whom this protocol does not apply and who can reply with and “urgent” to send you notifications through the do not disturb mode.

This story is still developing folks, do check back for more soon.

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