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Much like every other year, Apple has today announced an update to its macOS desktop operating system. Instead of being a major update, this one is an iterative one and is focused on refining features that Cupertino introduced at the previous WWDC conference.

It is available in developer beta starting today and will be available to the wider masses later in 2017 and includes improvement for the few quirks one may have encountered in the previous (or the first macOS) release.

And Apple seems to have taken an amusing cue from its arch-nemesis Microsoft and named the next iteration of its macOS as ‘High Sierra’ — yeah, you can laugh out loud. The previous desktop operating system was named macOS Sierra and the naming scheme is similar to what Microsoft has done with its Windows 10 Creators Update. The latest Windows 10 update, coming later this year, has been named Fall Creators Update. This year is a joke for naming things.

Speaking on the name, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software said:

We talked to the guys and they said ‘this might be misconstrued,’ but they assured us this name is fully baked.

As for the features, let’s start off with the one thing we millennials tend to use the most — Safari browser.  Apple touts that Safari is the fastest and most robust browser until date, even faster than the most popular Chrome browser. The JavaScript performance of Apple’s browser is said to be 80 percent better than Chrome and is now debuting machine learning into the same to improve on its ad blocker and tracking capabilities.

Safari on macOS now includes play blocking for video advertisements and intelligent tracking of your browsing data. The Mail app has also bagged a nifty update and is now said to accommodate 35 percent less space than its previous iteration. The Photos app is also bagging a huge update and is now an improved photo editing tool available on the desktop operating system. It now includes a persistent sidebar and a drop down to filter content — making it easier to search through your photos. It also intros the capability to sync faces across all your Apple devices.

The next significant update to macOS High Sierra would have to be replacement of the Hierarchical File System with Apple’s own file system known as Apple Filesystem to macOS. The capabilities of the in-house file system, which the Cupertino giant boasts is more secure, as well as stable, than other file systems available out there. It support 64-bit hardwares and is said to have first made an appearance on iOS 10.3 and is now making its way to the latest macOS update.

Other improvements to the macOS High Sierra include the migration of the system from h.264 to the newest h.265, which makes it easier to store more video files on the system as it brings 40 percent higher compression without compromising quality. In addition, graphics improvements to the Mac comes in the form of the new Metal 2 graphics engine. It is 10 times faster than the previous one and includes support for spherical video, VR engines, and other virtual reality use cases.You must check the MacOS High Sierra pros and cons.

It is also said that Apple is going to launch a new device called IphoneX, which will be revealed in the event. There’s also going to be a iphone x giveaway on many popular websites and youtube channels. Do keep your eyes on this device.

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