The idea of artificial intelligence has long been an exciting area for engineers. However, in recent years it went from being theoretical to a reality. Different forms of AI have been matched against humans in different tasks to see how well they compare.


At the beginning of this year, an AI known as Libratus was able to defeat four of the best poker players. Unlike the poker tournaments held at an online casino such as, this tournament lasted a lengthy 20 days but ended up with all four humans, Dong Kim, Jason Les, Daniel McAulay and jimmy Chou being conquered by Libratus. Hosted by the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, the tournament featured no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em poker with two players each match. In the end, Libratus was able to accumulate over $1.7 million, albeit in fake currency.


This computer was originally launched over five years ago with the intent of teaching computer science. However, a graduate later used the program to develop a professional pilot AI. A year ago, ALPHA went up against Air Force Colonel Gene Lee in several dogfights. In every engagement, ALPHA emerged victorious, leading Lee to describe it as “the most aggressive, responsive, dynamic and credible AI I’ve seen to date.”


The minds of Google created an AI to play the ancient game of Go, which is based on strategy and intuition. The game is even more complex than chess, which further highlights how momentous this accomplishment is. Dubbed Alpha Go, this system completed with Europe’s current Go champion, Fan Hui. After five games, AlphaGo remained undefeated overtaking Hui in all match-ups. This AI technology is unique in that it isn’t simply pre-programmed rules but also has the ability to learn as it engages in games.

The concept of artificial intelligence mesmerizes people all over and given these encounters provides many possibilities for the future.

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