Bharti Airtel’s other venture Airtel Business is looking to capture a substantial stake in new enterprises including small and medium businesses (SMBs) as well as startups through its new digital platform. This new platform has presently launched internet plans that have no data caps.

Airtel Business CEO Ashok Ganapathy in a statement said,

Emerging enterprises are key growth drivers for the company as well as for the economy

The digital platform of Airtel Business enables new businesses to buy connectivity plans with unlimited leased line connections. In addition, it also intends to offer other communication and collaboration products that will let these businesses save on time as well as conduct their businesses with more ease.

The company has stated that this new platform has reduced the time taken to order and deploy solutions by about 70% by removing the multiple layers that are present in traditional processing. Ganapathy also added,

We see immense opportunity in serving the vast SMB segment as businesses embrace digital technologies to drive growth. We also have a strong presence in central and state government departments and divisions. Our vast network and integrated portfolio backed by experience in serving enterprises provides us with a robust platform to leverage this emerging opportunity,

While Airtel Business’ present work is offering solutions including corporate-grade connectivity, collaboration, cloud, Internet of Things, managed mobility, mobile and fixed line services to upcoming enterprises, the government, and SMBs, it also offers its B2B customers payment and cash management solution through the Airtel Payments Bank.

With the increasing digitization of everything today, Ganapathy mentioned that new and upcoming businesses are on the hunt for connectivity solutions that are easily available and quickly activated. They also need to be trustworthy and adjustable according to their needs and requirements. Currently, Airtel serves over 2000 large enterprises as well as 5 lakh SMB customers. This includes 70-80% of the technology startups in the country.

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