Engineers who have backing from Toyota Motor Corporation, had occasion to demonstrate their flying car on Saturday. The company is hoping that the car will be able to light the Olympic flame for the opening ceremony at the 2020, Tokyo summer games.

The company behind this particular project is Cartivator, a startup which has around 30 engineers working to create SkyDrive. The project started in 2014 with crowd funding support and three years down the line, the team has made significant progress. The group expects to conduct its first manned flight by the end of 2018.

The model currently deployed was able to start floating off the ground for a few seconds. However, the company still needs to make its vehicle more stable and ensure that it can maintain itself in the air for longer in order to light the Olympic flame. The company is attempting to create the world’s smallest flying car and then commercialize it.

The project has also received a $385,000 investment from Toyota Motors and other companies in its group. The  group is now working hard to improve the design, and hopes to also receive further investment from the company.

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