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A brand new Reddit thread has appeared from someone claiming to be a Foxconn insider. And interestingly enough, the thread has not even been taken down by Reddit mods — which means that they have verified this particular person’s identity. Among information about the iPhone 8, we also received tidbits regarding the Siri Speaker, future iMac design changes and dynamic e-ink keyboards. Let’s take a look.

The leaker kicked off the thread with discussions regarding the iPhone 8 and questions of a Touch ID. The leaker appeared to be well qualified to answer questions regarding the same, considering that  he claims to have seen the iPhone 8 at EVT (engineering validation test) stage.

The leaker also said that the Touch ID will not be on the rear of the device and the design is similar to that of an iPhone 7 but with thinner bezels. He also said that the fingerprint scanners were placed below the main screen glass and had a poor yield. He also said that the information came from a January prototype and as such, yield is likely to have improved.

About the Siri Speaker, the leaker said that the device looked like a smaller Macbook Pro. Now this is in keeping with what we have been hearing about the speakers so far but, don’t make us any happier. Different variants of the Siri speaker were tested including a couple that came with a camera and a display. However, the final version Apple will announce at the WWDC is not likely to pack either of these things.

The 2017 iMac update won’t feature any major external design changes. The 2018 device yes, but the 2017 device that could be unveiled as early as day after tomorrow, is likely to remain connected to the basics and be utterly relatable to its predecessors. The 2018 device on the other hand, will use more glass and have a glowing Apple logo on the back.

Finally, regarding the Apple AR glass, the leaker had this to say:

cellulose acetate frame, bone conduction modules, multiple microphones, an internal battery and a prism to reflect information into the user’s vision.

The glasses will also have a microphone and an accelerometer, and will be able to detect all sorts of gestures including nodding or shaking.

Stay tuned folks, WWDC is right around the corner.

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