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Samsung is bringing its S Pen to the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro. The device, which offers you the ability to detect as many as 4,000 different levels of pressure is making its way to one of Samsung’s most premium offerings.  The Pen was last seen with the ill-fated Note 7 and is now slated to make a comeback with the Notebook 9 Pro.

The Notebook 9 Pro is kind of on par with Microsoft’s Surface Book. There are differences to be sure, however, the devices are still slated to compete with each other for user attention. With that said, the Notebook 9 Pro has a lot to recommend it. The device can be used as either a laptop or a tablet and comes with a display that can be detached from a metal laptop base. And the keyboard is backlit as well.

Plus, if 9-inch is too small for you, you can go for either a 13.3 inch or a 15-inch version. And you can expect both these devices to start shipping sometime in middle of June.

While the 13-inch device packs 8 GB of RAM, you can go for 16 GB of RAM with the larger 15-inch version. You also get a AMDRadeon 540 graphics card. However, the devices have relatively smaller 256 GB SSDs. I mean sure, having a SSD is a perk but the small storage means that you will have to keep a cloud storage, or a hard drive handy.

Both of these devices also sport Window 10 Hello login and USB-C ports.  The devices are powered by a core i7 7500U processors. The processor can give you speeds up to 2.70 GHz, and you can use it on turbo mode and crank it up to 3.50 GHz.

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