Oculus is looking to expand the range of its service and bring VR to more and more people. The company is now bringing Chromecast streaming support to Gear VR. This brand new addition will hopefully increase the range of people using VR services, and also offer them more ways to explore the niche.

Chromecast lets you enjoy VR while staying connected and engaged with everyone in the room. Show off your quick draw and sharp shooting in Dead and Buried or host a VR party night. It’s also a great way to introduce new people to VR, since you can see everything they see inside the headset.

Oculus has already introduced live streaming to its platform. This started off with Facebook, when the company introduced live streaming to its service. And now, the company is now moving to enhance the range of its offerings through Chromecast support.

To start using the service, simply download the app and Chromecast app on your device and tap on the Cast icon on your screen before putting on the Gear VR device. Interestingly, Oculus has chosen not to offer the same facility for its main, Rift offering. This way users will be able to see a live feed of your screen, in 2D.

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