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Following allegations of sexual harassment by Susan Fowler and the whole chain of events that followed, former attorney general Eric Holder was handpicked by the Uber board to create a detailed upon the workplace culture pervading the startup following which, the company had promised rapid actions, if required.

The investigating team also consists of Tammy Albarran. The duo have been working upon creating a report for the Uber board and apparently, could present their report as early as this week. The report consists of inputs from hundreds of different employees and as such, is pretty extensive.

A report this week would also fit in with the time frame described in April, when Uber board gave the committee time until the last week of May to send in its reports. Once the board goes over the reports, they will be made public. Meanwhile, there could be some changes to the timing of the presentation of the report, consider the great personal tragedy CEO Travis Kalanick faced recently. 

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