In what is definitely a feat of AI, Roborace’s driverless car has managed to navigate a lap of the 1.9 KM Formula E Paris ePrix over the weekend. The car also navigated 14 turns  to achieve this feat.

Roborace’s car deploys as many as five LiDAR sensors, two radar sensors and 18 ultrasonic sensors. The information generated by these is augmented by two optical speed sensors, six AI cameras and satellite positioning information, which let the car know its current location and allow to move around. All of the data is brought into a single place and processed by Nvidia’s Drive PX2, capable of performing 24 trillion operations per second.

Sadly enough, the car doesn’t really use all of the massive power that is under the hood. The vehicle comes packed with four 300 kW motors and a 540 kW battery that allow the car to reach speeds in excess of 300 KMPH’s. The massive power just sits there mostly, as the vehicle can’t really handle directing itself at speeds that high.

However, eventually it could learn. And when it does and all that massive power is backed by the formidable brain of an AI, human drivers should better watch out.


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