When it comes to building big thing, Google co–founder Serger Brin is not a new player. A couple of months or so ago, the first reports regarding this airship came out. Now, we have received additional info that the ship is being prepared as a private luxury ship for Brin, but, will also be able to serve humanitarian purposes.

As per  The Guardian, the ship will be the largest thing to take to the skies at almost 200 meters (656 feet) in length. The craft is being created with Brin’s personal funds and once completed, it will be able to take to the skies and perform intercontinental travel, as well as smaller trips. Brin is also planning to lend the ship for humanitarian missions, for purposes like carting food and other supplies around the planet.

The ship is being built with former NASA programs director Alan Weston, and other similarly eminent engineers overseeing the program. It will deploy helium inside, and float majestically through the air any day soon, so do keep an eye out.

The airships of yore sometimes deployed Hyderogen, and that is what Brin was planning to repeat. However, Helium is much more safer and the Google c-founder appears to have let his builders convince him otherwise.

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