Microsoft’s game streaming service Beam is undergoing a major revamp. The Redmond giant has announced that it will now be hailed as Mixer . The company has also introduced a whole series of brand new features to boost the service’s usefulness to game streamers including, a mobile broadcasting app for iOS and Android, co-streaming and more.

So first up is co-streaming. As the name implies, the feature allows up to four streamers to combine their streams and display everything on a single screen, which is split into four parts. The stream can belong to the same game and display different perspectives, or it can be something entirely different. You could even stream music alongside game streams.

The feature is being rolled out to users even as we speak and should reach Xbox-ers within a ew weeks time.

The company has also launched a brand new application. Called Mixer create, the app is available in Beta mode and is capable of working on both iOS and Android platforms. This particular app can allow you to broadcast and livestream your mobile gameplay onto the platform.

Finally, there is a brand new guide called the Channel One, which will help viewers find new things to watch. Whether it is livestreams, esports or anything else. you can find it through Channel One — a great place if you are just starting out with Mixer.

The company also took the occasion to announce a new digital studio located inside Microsoft;s NY store. The studio is called Mixer NYC studio and it will offer a bevy of facilities to viewers. For instance, you will be able to host games and esports events, and the event will be broadcasted to Mixer’s global userbase. There are also advanced lighting controls, effects, lounges, stage — basically everything you need to try out your stream and then send it across to the rest of the world.

Check out the rebranded Mixer, right below:

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