Well, sticker have always been an integral part in decorating the contents we post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, and they have now found a new abode — the Amazon iOS app. Amazon’s recent most update has incorporated support for stickers within its iOS app’s camera feed. The feature also allows you to search for product on its platform by looking real world objects through your camera.

This feature is unusual for a shopping website and also does not correspond very much with Amazon’s intent of diverting from the trend of traditional shopping. This may appear as a step to encourage more users to try its camera feature, still the exact intent as to how Amazon is thinking of gaining benefit from this feature is unclear.

Apart from scanning barcodes and typing products for purchase, the Amazon app also allows you to identify and find related products using your camera– something similar to Pinterest’s and Google’s visual technology. However, Amazon is a retailer, and not any kind of social networking app, and its camera feature is not meant to click photos for sharing it with friends, so the stickers could be a little bizarre move by the company.

In order to use these stickers of Amazon, just launch the camera by clicking on camera option present on Amazon app’s home screen. There you would see an option of ‘Amazon Stickers’ besides other camera features like Package X-Ray, uploading photo or viewing search history.

All these stickers are available under various categories like  “Top Picks,” “Fun,” “Home,” “Pets,” “Women’s,” “Gadgets,” and more. Curated stickers are available as well under the category of  “Top Picks,” “Fun,” “Home,” “Pets,” “Women’s,” “Gadgets,” and more.

All these stickers appear familiar because they have been picked from Amazon’s “Interesting Finds” online shop, which was launched last year in order to provide a curated product discovery experience on Amazon.

You can browse through all these stickers and can even tap to add them in front of your screen. As the support to selfie camera is missing you will not be able to check the dresses on you, however, you can certainly check as to how good a home decor product would fit in your room. Though the stickers are too cartoonish and a little rough at the edges, which does not comply with the app’s AR feature, you may still have some rough idea about its existence in your premise.

Also, you may tap on the “i” (information) button on the sticker, and you’d be taken to the product’s page directly. The feature allows you  to add multiple stickers to a single photo, apart from resizing them, deleting them, saving the final image or even sharing it on social media.

The feature remains absent the on Android currently.

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